The Song

Hear a clip from the song

The song (based on the novel Love Leaves No One Behind) was written by the amazingly gifted song writing team of Julie Reeves and Danny Craig.  It’s Julie’s captivating voice that you hear bringing the lyrics to life - with her mother and Danny singing backup. 

Julie is one of the brightest of the vastly-talented country music stars to hail from the state of Kentucky, and has an impressive debut album, “It’s About Time” to her credit.

Aside from being the Director of MainStreet in Ashland, Kentucky, Danny is a consummate song and “jingle” writer, and producer.

Julie and Danny are long-time friends and have been singing and writing partners for over fifteen years.  Presently, the duo is planning to concentrate solely on their passion for song writing – a passion that produces inspired compositions of words and music that touches the heart and provokes the mind.  “Love Leaves No One Behind,” their most recent undertaking, offers chilling proof of their musical talent and story-telling abilities.  It’s haunting melody and powerful lyrics are absolutely unforgettable.  It’s one of those songs that keeps playing in your head long after the CD has stopped spinning.

Thank you Julie and Danny for the beautiful “theme song” to my novel.  It’s incredible how you were somehow able to tap into my vision for the story, and then set it to words and music.  I will be forever appreciative to you for sharing your awesome talent with me.  Thank you from the very depths of my heart.  

I have a feeling that your songwriting stars will be shining brightly for years to come. 

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