Reviewer W. H. McDonald Jr. (Bill McDonald), best selling author and award winning poet:

This is Not Your Mother’s Romance Mystery Novel! I began author Claudia Pemberton’s novel “Love Leaves No One Behind” expecting more or less to find some light weight typical women’s romance mystery book. That notion was soon kicked right out of me after reading “The Prologue” entitled “A Glimpse of Evil”. If the reader can get past the real creepy and downright evil stuff that lurks in those opening pages (which stopped me dead cold for a week before proceeding deeper into the story) then you will be richly rewarded with a special reading experience. ... The professional craftsmanship of the author is evident; phrasing and narratives are well done with a nice mix of dialog. The book is truly gripping. ...  It will have a profound and powerful impact on the reader. You cannot just read this book and walk away untouched emotionally in some way.  ...


Reviewer Andrew Lubin, Midwest Book Review:

First-time author Claudia Pemberton has written a credible and interesting crime novel, set in the Alabama mountain background of a retiring Army Ranger and the lady he learns to love. As heroine Mykayla Mitchell leaves her hometown for a new job in California, she is devastated by the death of her beloved grandmother, Granny Mae. A chance set of circumstances leads her to meet Army Ranger Jesse Daulton, and it is their budding relationship, intertwined amongst the horror of a serial killer, that makes her book so interesting. Pemberton's deft writing combines violence - patriotism - sexual tension - love- and some old-fashioned Alabama backwoods wisdom in her well-written novel.


Reviewer U.S. Army Bill Spies, Executive Secretary, Worldwide Army Rangers, Inc. (WAR) and inductee into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame:

Claudia Pemberton has captured (in print) the very essence of what my experiences confirm is an Army Ranger. She has woven a remarkable yarn of love, courage, strength, and compassion ... Mikayla is the picture of a tomboyish, intelligent, southern girl. Jesse is an almost indescribably human known to some as a US Army Ranger. ... I highly recommend that you read this thrilling romance! ... This novel corroborates that true and total compassion can derive only from significant physical and mental strength. To leave no one behind in dire situations requires an unequivocal love that expects nothing in return.... Please read and enjoy this wonderful yarn woven by Claudia Pemberton. Then, as I am, you will be looking for her other works.


Reviewer:  Romance Junkies (Lacey) awards a 5 Blue Ribbon Review:

I love it when a story pulls the reader in and captivates them until the end.  In LOVE LEAVES NO ONE BEHIND, Claudia Pemberton does just that.  The characters are very well developed and thoroughly planned out.  The story begins with a glimpse inside the mind of a killer, a scene that is chilling to the bone, yet intrigues the reader with questions of what the villain will do next.  Mikayla is a strong and interesting character.  Though she has a few weak moments, her stubborn determination drives her to achieve her goals.  Jesse is the perfect hero; I fell in love with him immediately. ... Pemberton has an amazing writing style.  The readers are drawn in emotionally, going through Mikayla’s trials as the character herself faces them.  LOVE LEAVES NO ONE BEHIND is a beautiful romance with a wonderful cast of characters and gripping plot twists.  This is one story that is not easily forgotten and has a permanent spot on my keeper shelf—to read over and over again.


Reviewer:  Jean Hardiman, The Herald-Dispatch Newspaper:

"Claudia Pemberton's first novel is both thrilling and a beautiful celebration of love, friendship, and the best things about our country - the good-hearted people who keep it strong.  My pulse raced, my heart swelled with patriotism, and my mouth watered for some good, old-fashioned home-cooking."


Reviewer:  Barbara Deming, U.S. Review of Books:

Jesse is a wounded, war-weary retired U.S. Army Ranger who ... realizes the ability to protect the ones you love is never retired. He is true to the code: Once a Ranger, always a Ranger, and in the end, two lonely people find a home in each other.  The combination of love story, mystery, and tribute to our soldiers offers the reader an insight into the training, valor, honor, and integrity of men in uniform. The author educates as well as entertains with this glimpse of life after combat. Claudia Pemberton offers an unforgettable story of warm friendships, patriotism, suspense, and love everlasting. Punctuated by Granny's old-fashioned wisdom and mouthwatering recipes, Pemberton creates a longing in readers to experience once again the power of home, faith, and love.

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